Welcome to RefundLabs!

What Is RefundLabs?

RefundLabs is a refund management service for third party Amazon sellers expected to launch in Q4 2018. Much like a consumer is due a refund when a seller/manufacturer makes a mistake, a third party Amazon merchant is due a refund when Amazon makes a mistake.

Amazon Package

Here’s how our service works:

  1. Using proprietary software, we gather and analyze Amazon data to identify situations where the third-party seller (you) is likely due a refund
  2. Our experienced staff manually reviews identified refund situations to ensure accuracy
  3. If a refund is in order, our staff files Amazon support tickets on your behalf providing the necessary evidence to back up our claims
  4. If Amazon agrees with our assessment, you will receive a refund from Amazon minus the small commission charged by RefundLabs!

The RefundLabs model ensures that our success is tied to yours. We do not charge any money up front, and instead collect a small commission proportional to amount of money that we have recovered for you.

Unlike certain competing services, our staff individually review all refund analysis and manually file Amazon support tickets where appropriate. The internal tools we have built simply alert us to situations where a refund is likely.

In what kind of situations would Amazon owe the third party merchant money?

Given the volume of inventory that Amazon manages, it is natural that inventory may get lost or damaged. For example, Amazon may lose FBA inventory while transporting it among its network of warehouses, or it may fail to collect an item from a customer after that customer has initiated a return.

In such situations it is Amazon’s responsibility to refund the merchant for their inventory. Unfortunately, Amazon often fails to do so.

Refund management involves identifying refund scenarios and filing tickets with Amazon for situations where a refund has not  been issued. These tickets must include supporting evidence to convince Amazon that it has made a mistake. Any merchant using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) services, stands to gain from active refund management. Merchants may choose to hire their own person or team to manage refunds, or they can utilize a service such as ours.